Best Acme Dog Whistle For Border Collie

Best Acme Dog Whistle For Border Collie – Reviews and Guide


If you are searching for something to aid you with the training of your border collie, the Best Acme Dog Whistle for Border Collie would be an excellent choice.

I mean, you surely wouldn’t want to shout the dog’s name if you want it running towards you from the other side of the field or you might want your gun dog following the commands from making different sounds of the whistle.

But worry not because whatever may be the case, we have a detailed guide for you.

A common dog whistle means a very high-pitched, inaudible to human ear whistle and is used mainly to train dogs. It produces ultrasound that means a sound so high in frequency that human cannot hear but dogs can.

So, if you make this whistle blow, your dog will hear the sound and return from wherever they are to you.

We have made a list for letting you know the best available options to choose from, and we hope that you find it according to your demands.

Reviews Of 3 Best Acme Dog Whistles for Border Collie!

1. Acme Silent & Adjustable Silver Dog Whistle

This is a very effective whistle to get the attention of the dogs and it doesn’t matter if they are far or doing something else. That is because this Acme Silent & Adjustable Silver Dog Whistle is designed after taking lots of advice and recommendations from dog trainers and dog owners.

Initially, you cannot hear the sound of this because of the high frequency but you can adjust the frequency so that you can hear it when you train your dog. This emits a sound that can go as long as 400 yards which means you can use it in the park or the backyard.

I must mention that the distance the sound can travel may vary duty different conditions of wind or rain. This is a better option than most of the similar products you will see on the current market.

This product is manufactured by a very well-known England-based manufacturer brand who are marking their journey of 130 years in this business. This is made from strong and heavy brass metal and then coated with nickel. Such a procedure makes it durable and robust for a typical dog whistler.

Although this product is strictly tested for quality and performance, still uncanny can happen at any time. So, to ensure you with the best possible combination of security and effectiveness, this product contains a very good guarantee. This is the Best Acme Dog Whistle for Border Collie.

There is a box with a printed instruction manual for a new user to get the hang of it easily. It is just 4 inches long and being so small it is also perfect to fit the tiny pocket of your trouser or even in the hand.


  • The design of this tool is very smooth and sleek
  • This tool can produce a very far-reaching sound
  • This is very sturdy and the construction is solid so when you put it in your hand, this thing feels indestructible


  • This device is not completely silent

2. Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle

You will love this Acme 210.5 Whistle for Dog no matter which dog you have but if you own a Labrador, Spaniel, or Retrieve, this will surely be your favorite because these particular breeds responses very nicely to the particular frequency of this device which resonates around 5900 Hz.

This Acme brand is a very well-known brand from the 1880s for commercially manufacturing a variety of whistles. This is why our list consists of four of their products.

This product does not produce ultrasound. Instead, it produces a sound that is a higher pitch than usual and audible to you too.

This sound is loud enough for the dog but also does not cause discomfort for you. The distance covered by it is also great so you can either communicate with your pet dog nearby or over some distance.

This product comes in a sturdy plastic casing and has a ring so that you can attach this to a key-ring or lanyard. It is very cost-effective and can be found in a variety of colors.


  • Audible to the human ear
  • There is no pea in the whistle
  • The plastic that is used to make this device is very durable in quality


  • Costs a little bit more than other similar brands
  • There is no lanyard included with this

3. Acme 472 Dog Training Whistle

This Acme 472 Dog Training Whistle is arguably the most popular dog training whistle available in the market. And this is not just my opinion. Martin Deeley, who is internationally renowned for dog training and runs the School for Dog Training in Florida, also thinks the same.

This device is very durable and lightweight. This does not include any pea so the sound is consistent as well as high-pitched. That means, no matter how hard someone blows, it will always produce the same sound. It is a very crucial part of training your dog so that it understands what your dog is supposed to do as per your need.

This whistle is a great option when you train your dog in open fields or heavily covered situations and also for the dogs which face difficulty hearing.


  • This is a very trusted brand
  • This is one of the top choices among the professional trainers of dog
  • The pitch and sound that it produces remain very constant so that it doesn’t confuse your dog


  • There is no lanyard with this device

How to Pick The Best Acme Dog Whistle For Border Collie?

You have a lot of options on the market for a dog whistle and all of them are manufactured in different ways based on the purpose of their use. If you want your dog to get the necessary training, we suggest you search for these criteria in the dog whistle:

Consistency in Sound

Whenever you blow the whistle, the consistency of the sound should be the same so that your dog stays on track all the time.

Adjustability in frequency – The frequency of the whistle should be adjustable because you want your whistle to sound unique to your dog.

Range Of Frequency

Your pet should hear a decent whistle even from a distance. So, if a whistle has a larger range, it is better than any whistle along with a considerably shorter range so that you can stay tension-free that your pet dog will hear you or not.

Quality Material

You want to look for a whistle that is made of a material that has very good quality like metals, pearls, or safe plastics.

Easy for carrying and cleaning – You should buy a whistle for your dog that is very effective and lightweight so that you can carry it around when necessary. Also, if the whistle isn’t easy enough for cleaning, it possesses a risk of contamination so be sure to check that too.


So, these are the Best Acme Dog Whistles For Border Collie. They are available on the market and you can buy them in a short time no matter what type of dog whistle you prefer and which whistle your dog happily responds to. Hope you find the best one for your test pretty soon.

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