Best brush for border collie

Best brush for border collie – Reviews and Guide


When there is hair or fur, there is a need for a brush, be it a human or an animal. As combs and brushes are important to humans grooming, so is the need for brushes in dogs grooming. So, what is the best brush for border collie?

Best brush for border Collie TOP 5

1. Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush:

The unique feature of this hertzko brush is that it is self-cleaning. The self-cleaning feature is as a button, which when pressed extracts the bristle pad. The retracted bristle pad pushes the dead fur forward which is now easy to grab and dispose of. To retract the bristle pad, press the same button.
It also features a retractable bristle system that can be removed and stored when not in use. This perfect as bristles are known to rust easily, therefore hurting your pet’s skin.
The grip is human-friendly with a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle to prevent strain on the hand and wrist when brushing your Collie.
It has a one-click clean button which means you don’t have to hold the button and the handle at the same time while brushing. Just a click, does the job.
To get Hertzko self-cleaning brush click:

2. Pet Neat 2-sided dog de-shedding brushes:

It is a 2 in 1 dual head for detangling and de-shedding. The first head is a 22-toothed side for detangle knots and Matt’s, while the other head is an 87-toothed side for de-shedding. It’s a 2 for 1 package brush.
The brush teeth are blunt at the edge to gently massage the skin while brushing and prevent scratches but the inside teeth are sharp enough to cut through any tangles or loose undercoat. This feature makes it skin-friendly to the dogs as some groomers might not careful enough but the slant edge cancels out injury while brushing.
Unlike other brushes, Pet Neat brushes reduce shedding and hair loss due to brushing by 95% by reducing the flying of fur while brushing.

3. Poodle Pet detangling dog comb:

It is a dual-action dog comb for detangling and de-shedding your Collie’s coat. Unlike other fully long or short toothed combs, the poodle let detangling dog comb has both long and short teeth’s on the same comb. This is perfect as it incorporates two types of combs features into one. The short combs are for navigating through short undercoats while the longer ones for longer furs. The combination of these two cuts the time of grooming as it does bother at the same time.
The teeth are very strong and are made of 100% stainless material for easy combing of knots and tangle, perfect for long, short, or wired hair dogs with undercoats like your Collie.
The manufacturer put humans into consideration by creating a creating an anti-slip handle for groomers. This handle is perfect as it has anti-slip materials that help your hand wrist to stay in position while brushing to prevent any accidents.

4. Pat your pet 2 sided de-matting rake:

It is a 2-in-1 dual-head de-matting rake with the first face having 9 evenly spaced teeth for de-matting and de-tanging stubborn knots on furs while the other side is 17 toothed for de-shedding and thinning of loose fur to achieve a faster and professional result.
It is perfectly safe for your Collie’s skin as the inside teeth are sharp enough to break any barrier or tangles, while the outside is slightly sharp to prevent scratches and cuts on your dog’s skin.
Unlike other rakes that pulls your dog’s mat out, Pat your pet 2 sided de-matting rake cut through them gently with its slightly sharpened blades. It also features an ergonomic anti-slip handle to prevent slipping while combing and to promote comfortability while handling the brush.
Its slightly curved teeth serve as a massaging factor for Collie while combing, it helps in promoting the overall transfer of nutrients around the body. It comes in the colors blue and black.

5. Delomo Pet grooming gloves (UPGRADED VERSION):

This enhanced version mimics the feeling of the touch of your hand. It is perfect for long or short-haired Collies and no fur flying happens, as the glove is intended to keep every hair on its face.
This is one of the best brushes for a Border Collie because it is skin-friendly as the glove bristles are made from rubber and silicone which will not cause any form of irritation to the dog.
The glove has a breathable mesh cloth to allow the passage of air into the groomer’s hand and also to ensure it gets fast after it has been washed. It is lightweight too to avoid the feeling of bulkiness on the groomer’s hand.
It also serves as a bathing brush, because it lathers well with soap and the flexibility it gives the owner to reach every part of your Collies body.
It is a size that fits all because it has an adjustable hand strap to fit everybody. It comes in a pair, left am right and the left glove is structured so that left-handed people can use it efficiently.
To use this glove, spray a small amount of water on the toothed face and brush the dog, remove all the hair from the brush when you are done.

What is a dog brush?

A brush is a block filled with bristles or hairs closely wound together to form a dense concentration with a handle, which is used for straightening the hair. It normally has only one face full of bristles but some have double-faced bristles.
A dog brush is a brush used to detangle matt and tangles from the coat. It can either be plastic or wooden and comes in different shapes and sizes.

Importance of dog brushes

Most people assume the only importance of the brush is to detangle matt from fur, but brushes do more than that. There different designs for different functions, some of the importance include;

  • To circulate nutrition oils around; this visible in the shine of a dog’s coat: The continuous movement of the brush around your dog’s body stimulates cells that store healthy oils and helps in transport nutrients usually present in the sensitive areas of the body around other parts of the body. This transfer shows a visible difference in the shine of your dog’s coat and creates a relaxing effect.
  • Rubber brushes are used to massage the muscles of your Collie. This brush promotes circulation of blood: They help in massage your dog’s muscles as they have uneven ends which are perfect in straightening and touching sore muscles while at the same time brushing them.
  • To dig out insects and invisible dirt inside your Collies coat: Dogs like Collies are known to extra, hyperactive, and perform more outdoor activities. While these activities are being performed, their thick double coat gathers dust and twigs, not only that, it is a Haven for fleas and their eggs. Combs are used for digging all these out to give your dog a cleaner look.

How to choose the perfect border collie brush

Before choosing a perfect dog brush, two factors must be considered; the coat and the brush material.

Type of coat:

Your dog’s coat properties such as the fur length and fur type are dependent on the type of brush you use. There are different types of coat dogs possess, they include;

  • Smooth or short-coats
  • Long coats
  • Wired coats
  • Straight-fur coats
  • Curly-fur coats
  • Single coats
  • Double coats
  • Thin coats
  • Thick coats

A dog’s coat can be one or a combination of these types of coats. For example, Border Collies can have curly double-coated coats.

The brush material:

The type of material the brush is made up of should also be put into consideration as some dogs are uncomfortable with wooden or metal brushes. The spacing, texture of the material used, length, and stiffness of the brush should be tested to determine the suitability.

Types of dog brush

Types of dog brush

Dogs brushes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. This difference is due to the various functions they perform, some for combing, for de-shedding, and so on. The word brush encompasses not only brushes but also combs, rakes, and more. Types of brushes include;

  1. Slicker brush: This type of brush is made up of finely twisted short on a flat, rectangular surface with a handle. It is used for detangling knots to give your dog a smooth look. It is perfect for almost all coated dogs. Ensure you avoid putting pressure when detangling with a slicker brush, as their tips can cause harm to your dog’s skin. The benefit of the slicker brush is that it is suitable for all short coat types.
  2. Double-sided brush: They are sometimes called pin and bristle brushes. As their name implies, they are brushes with bristles or pins on both or one of their faces. These faces can either be made of the same material or different types of materials. The are mostly pinheaded brushes that allow for the detangling of mangled furs and as well as add shine and smoothens the coat. Depending on the material and brand name the cost is different. It is a universal coat brush.
  3. Bristles brush: This type of brush is very similar to that of human beings and helps in the distribution of nutrition oils around the body for the dog’s glow. They are perfect for your dog’s sensitive area such as their belly, neck, face, and underarm region as the bristles are softer than most regular brushes.
  4. Dog undercoat rakes: It is used for the removal of loose or falling undercoat fur to prevent future tangling and is used for dogs that have long thick and double coats. It is also used for dogs with combined coat features example, Collies.
  5. Wide-toothed combs: They are very similar to the one humans use; the only difference is the pins are metallic but are used for Removing tangles and matt. Before picking a wide-toothed comb for your dog, check its fur type and length.

Thicker and longer furs need larger spaced combs for detangling while thinner and shorter furs need closely spaced combs for detangling.

  1. De-shedding gloves: They are five fingers wearable hand gloves with bristles at the plan region for de-shedding dogs coats. They are top-notch for the flexibility they give dog owners while brushing their dogs. They help in promoting nutrient circulation in dogs.

Bottom line

Due to the competition out there in the dog’s product market. It is safe to safe, there are a thousand best brushes for a Border Collie. Different brush performs different functions, so the perfect brush for a Border Collie is not one but a set of brushes that will perform different beneficial functions for your Collie.

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